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About The Bruman Law Group

The Bruman Law Group includes the law practices of Steven I. Bruman, an experienced and well-respected family law attorney, and Elizabeth Meador Bruman, a seasoned commercial, consumer and appeals lawyer.

At The Bruman Law Group, we have separate law practices but consult with and refer cases to each other. The practices are complementary, as many legal concerns are complex and involve more than one area of law. For example, your interest in the business may be the most important asset you own. Working with attorneys who understand both family law and business law can help protect your financial interests.

Elizabeth also handles appeals of family law and civil cases. The experience of an appellate attorney can help you in a family law trial, as she understands issues that could lead to a reversal on appeal.

Easing The Fears Of Child Custody

Every parent worries that their time with their children will change once a divorce occurs. At The Bruman Law Group, we take the worry out of divorce. We offer accessible, effective and efficient legal services including mediation. Most child custody and visitation issues can be negotiated, and a viable agreement can be made. With over 30 years of family law experience, Steven offers extensive experience in each family law case.

Protect What’s Important To You

Turn to The Bruman Law Group for personal and professional guidance with your divorce, community property division, alimony or child custody and visitation issue. Get the insight you need for a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or modification or enforcement of your child custody agreement. Call 281-583-0055 or send an introductory email, and we will get in touch with you.