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Protect Your Relationship With Your Child

A breakup can be for the best for all involved. However, when there is a child or children involved, a divorce or breakup can be more complicated.

A child’s ability to understand what is happening is dependent on many things, including the age of the child, the family history and dynamics, and whether the child has special needs.

At The Bruman Law Group, attorney Steven I. Burman has over three decades of successful experience guiding families and individuals through the divorce and child custody processes. He has helped numerous couples come to workable agreements. He has also assisted unmarried parents to resolve their custody or support issues that required paternity action.

What You Need To Know About Texas Child Custody

Custody in Texas is known as conservatorship. The parent with “primary residential custody” is known as the managing or possessory conservator.

There are two types of custody in Texas: legal and physical. Legal custody is the right of the parent to make or be a part of major decisions regarding the child. These decisions typically involve religion, medical care, education and the like. Physical custody determines with which parent the child resides. This can be sole or shared. In sole custody cases, one parent has both physical and legal custody.

Because we know that most children do best when both parents are involved in their lives, sole custody is not as common as shared custody. However, if one parent is struggling with mental health or addiction issues or has a criminal record or history of violent behavior, a judge may award sole custody to the other parent. This can affect child support and visitation.

In a joint legal custody arrangement, both parents raise the child or children, but the children live with one parent. When parents have shared physical custody, the child or children will split time between two homes and spend at least 35% of their time with their other parent.

How An Attorney Can Help

Custody agreements need not be stressful or anxiety-inducing. These agreements are able to be customized to fit your family’s lifestyle.  For example, the child may spend three days a week at one home and four days at another or a week here or there. Other arrangements, such as school days at one home and weekends at another, are also an option.

Get The Support And Custody Guidance You Need

A family law attorney can advise you on how to create an effective and workable agreement. Call 281-583-0055 to set up an appointment for a custody consultation. You can also send attorney Steven I. Bruman a brief contact email and description of your situation, and he will be in touch shortly.