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Marital Property Division Lawyers Who Will Protect Your Interests

Planning for the division of community property in a divorce is important, especially if you own significant assets, such as real estate, a family business or a corporation. Many couples worry about how much they will have to give up and how their lives will change financially after a divorce. In some cases, the incurred debt must also be equitably divided.

When you work with The Bruman Law Group, you get the combined experience of two attorneys. Steven I. Bruman has over 30 years of Texas family law experience. Elizabeth Meador Bruman has extensive knowledge of commercial law and tax implications. Together they can advise and guide you as to the best options and solutions in property division.

Understanding Community And Separate Property

The most important issue in Texas property division is the protection of your financial interests. We will advise you on what your rights are in terms of separate and community property.

Separate property in Texas is anything you had before you entered the marriage. This can include savings, retirement, real property, a collection, a business or other assets. Separate property includes gifts,  inheritances or the award of a personal injury settlement.

Community property is any asset you acquire with your spouse or potentially during the marriage. This can include a home, retirement accounts or a business if your spouse was involved or helped or supported you.

In some cases, property issues are relatively clear. However, there are many instances in which a professional may be needed to accurately value and equitably divide assets. For example, if a business was started by one spouse before the marriage but the other spouse did things during the marriage to help the business and ensure its growth, ownership of the business is not so clear.

Five Ways Our Team Can Help

When you work with the team at The Bruman Law Group, you will receive skilled and knowledgeable guidance on aspects of the divorce process and property division, including advice on:

  • How to deal with debts and creditors
  • Which assets are best to keep – real estate or liquid assets – and how to protect a business
  • The best way to preserve community property through court orders if you fear your spouse is selling assets, draining bank accounts and wasting assets
  • How to determine what is separate and what is community property
  • How to effectively and accurately valuate a business

Work with a team that is committed to your case to ensure that you get the personal, accessible legal guidance and representation you need in Texas asset division. We are also able to offer educated direction on how your divorce will affect your will, retirement and estate plans.

The Property Division Support You Need Is Here

For seasoned guidance on Texas property division or another family law matter, call 281-583-0055 or send us a brief inquiry email, and we will respond promptly.